Finding Me

Not all who wander are lost

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Fuck you award goes to….

I’d like to thank the asshole driving near the back gate at Camp Pendleton, with those blue mother fucking head lights, for setting my migraine in motion. And I’d like to thank the ex for being an all around douche bag & pushing my semi migraine in a full blown one. πŸ‘ Nite all. Off to medicate myself. Weeeee.. 😬

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Back to real life

The holiday weekend is over. Back to laundry, dishes, kids & their schools, bills. Uggh.. The bigger situation, finding a place in Costa Mesa to move to in October/November. Been downsizing the shit out of my house. I hate moving. Stresses me out to no end. Fuck it. I’m crawling back in bed. Deal with it later. 😬